SANISTON BALTIC was established in year 2005. Since then we successfully developed company’s activities by encouraging everyone to let Baltic amber into their hearts. There are various uses of Baltic amber:

  • wear it as a beautiful amber necklace;
  • place a charming amber elephant on your work desk;
  • carry a piece of Baltic amber in your pocket.

SANISTON BALTIC participates in various international amber jewelry exhibitions, such as: AmberTrip, Amberif, Ambermart, Rho Fierra fair in Italy. We seek for constant creativity and growth in both retail and wholesale trade markets in Lithuania and abroad. The working experience gained from 2005, let us select and purify what matter the most to our customer.

All the jewelry articles are produced from natural Baltic amber. Crafting amber jewelry is a dedicated process: first, we have to carefully select the raw amber material, making sure is authentic. Later on, the processed amber pieces are combined with each other in respect of its size, color and texture.

Amber is a natural formation of resin so the same pieces are impossible to occur – that makes pieces of jewelry unique and exquisite. By presenting SANISTON BALTIC products, we seek to emphasize and show the uniqueness of amber.

SANISTON BALTIC are currently focusing on amber jewelry production and sales. When designing jewelry, we try to make it easy for our customers to combine earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings with each other. So, it’s always possible to try out new combinations of Baltic amber and renew old collection.

Be aware, that due to special characteristics of lights reflect on  amber, it is complicated to capture the exact color of amber on the photos. So, product color in catalogue may slightly differ from reality.