Discover the warmth of the Sun in each amber piece

No mater there we live and who we are, we always seek more warmth in our lives. From the ancient times people knew about the warmth stored in amber and called amber „the Sun stone“. Emitting the energy of the Sun, amber stones brings the joy and warmth to the one who wears amber jewelry or other jewelry made from amber. If  You want to enjoy the warmth of the Sun at any time, then amber jewelry is jewelry from Your dreams.

In the world exist various amber mining locations. Among other mining places – such as Ukraine, Dominica, etc – Baltic Sea is acknowledged as most unique place to mine amber. Baltic region has the largest known deposit of amber. This amber deposit was created from forest which existed 44 million years ago. In other words, amber jewelry made from Baltic Sea amber is beautiful and stylish jewelry with the warmth of the Sun from 44 million years ago.

What You shall know about Baltic amber?

Amber – is a magic stone. Since ancient times, amber protects owner from evil eye and gives strength to new beginnings. For those, who seeks harmony in their lives, amber brings feeling of abundance. It stimulates devotion and forgiveness. Awakening gentleness, amber jewelries and crafts can make person calm and stimulate his self-confidence.

Amber jewelry and other crafts from amber can work as a success, love and health talisman. Making talisman from amber, pay close attention to the nature of amber. Different types of amber has specific characteristics and it is very important to consider the difference of each kind.

  • Succinite is a widely spread and probably the most beautiful and interesting type of amber. Succinite has the most amber acid compared to other kinds of amber. Consisting of twelve chemical elements, amber acid has the healing power. It stimulates nervous system, has positive effect on lungs and heart. More to be added, amber acid doesn’t contain any heavy metals or salts.
  • Gedanite amber differs from succinite in regards of its healing powers. During the stiffening process of gedanite amber, environmental conditions were unfriendly for amber acid to form. In the result, gedanite amber doesn’t have the healing power.
  • Stantienite is the name of black amber. Black amber is extremely fragile and the rarest among all types of the Baltic amber. Stantienite forms in iron-saturated medium, which gives the amber unique black colour. Usually, stantienite black amber is extremely fragile, because average 80% of it is constituted of different impurities, such as: sand, pollen, pieces of woods, etc.
  • Glessite is the softest and the most fragile amber, frequently contaminated with other impurities.

Knowing the difference of amber types, lets make the correct decision when selecting amber jewelry. As you can see, the most beneficial is succinate amber, because it contains the most amber acid and has wider difference of chemical elements.

It’s worth to know, that the most warmth is emitted by unground, natural amber. Put unground amber to one heap and wait for a few hours. Now, touch the amber. Are You feeling the warmth of amber? The same way amber emits the warmth touching your body. So, the best way to wear the amber jewelry is on the bare skin.