Discover variety of Baltic amber jewelries

How to take care of amber jewellery?

It is important to regularly maintain and clean Baltic amber bracelets to ensure that they retain healing qualities, and a bright colour.

Due to everyday wear, the dirt and dust can soil the amber bracelets. So, It should be frequently cleaned under a stream of cold water. Then leave it on a windowsill to dry and replenish  the solar energy.

When amber necklace isn’t worn for a long time, place them into a special soft bag and separate from other accessories to avoid scratches.

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What colour of amber to choose?

All colors of amber are wonderful and useful for your health, and a selection of the most suitable amber bracelet for adults, children, babies and parents depend on personal preference. In fact, Baltic amber is really beneficial for everyone.

„Saniston“ amber craft masters create a large variety of products for all family members. Babies, Youngsters and adults – in our constantly updating amber crafts gallery, everyone can find amber bracelets what will suit them the best.

The „Saniston Baltic“ amber crafts collection consists from wide range of amber colors from transparent yellow to black, from gloss to matte surface. Yellow, light cognac, cognac, dark cognac, black and rare colours, such as green – are presented in „Saniston Baltic“ amber collection. Some bracelets consist of single color beads, meanwhile others have many different colours.

We are constantly updating our art gallery with new articles, so you will find a necklace of unique design for yourself and your child.

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