How Amber Teething Necklace Works?

There is a very common tradition in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries of making gifts of amber teething  necklaces to new-borns. It is believed that baltic amber necklace  teething alleviates a process of tooth growth for children and infants. Usually the first teeth grows around 5-7 months of life, but it may also happen that they will grow earlier (e.g. 3 months) or vice versa – the first teeth might also grow around the first birthday.So, in many European countries the amber teething necklaces are used to help new-borns sleep better, alleviate dental growth and prevent skin irritation.

Parents expect children to be protected from various viruses during spring or autumn. That is why the jewellery of Baltic amber for kids is often bought by parents for pre-schoolers.Lithuanians have a long-lasting belief that their favourite amber teething necklace for children help protect pre-schoolers from frequent illnesses. So, demand of amber teething necklaces is particularly high among parents whose children are starting to attend a kindergarten.

Grandmothers love to give amber teething  necklaces to grandchildren – this is considered as a way to enrich children’s’ appearance for various occasions. Amber has a variety of shapes, its grinding and polishing reveals a multitude of shades, textures, splashes, frozen “clouds”, and air bubbles inside each piece. The majority of amber jewellery is made by folk craftsmen.

Amber necklace for babies is a great natural beauty product for a baby. What is more, amber is called a “Lithuanian gold” not without a reason. Baltic waves have been throwing amber into the coast of Lithuania for ages. The products made from Baltic amber are found in archaeological treasures and amber teething necklace have become part of a national costume. Nowadays, baltic amber necklace teething are used as a natural remedy for pain produced by tooth growth.

It is important to remember that a child can only wear teething necklaces strictly under adult supervision. You must not leave your baby unattended while he or she is wearing the necklace, and the necklace must be removed before putting your baby to sleep.

Amber teething necklaces are worn around the baby’s neck or wrist. Upon skin contact and with the help of human body’s heat, amber releases materials that interact with the human body. However, do not let your child chew on the necklace – they are not made for chewing.

Amber teething necklace are recommended for teething children aged from 2 months to 3 years.

Does amber teething necklace have an effect for children?

There is no secret that about 60% of babies suffer from toothache. Each baby is experiencing dental growth differently, for some of them, this phase of life passes without any symptoms, meanwhile other children may suffer for several months.Mothers searches for different solutions to make child’s life easier and happier during this period of dental growth. As we all know it’s one of the most difficult period for babies because dental growth cause pain and discomfort.

Amber necklaces provide additional help for kids, during dental growth period. A larger piece of amber is recommended to be worn on a string so that a child would not swallow it. Such a natural material is considered as a better choice for children comparing with plastic chewing toys for growing tooth.It is better to choose natural and non-abrasive pieces of amber that contain a largest amount of amber acid in their oxidative peel.

The Baltic amber necklace teething for babies and mothers is the best gift from the nature. In ancient Prussia it was said that amber necklaces must be worn by babysitters who take care of children in order to protect themselves and infants from infectious diseases.

Amber acid which is found in amber pieces has a very positive effect on human body. It activates blood circulation, improves immunity and normalizes acid balance. When absorbed into the bloodstream, it stimulates a thyroid gland and helps  to reduce areas irritated by inflammation. To sum up amber acid reduces asthma symptoms, improves vision, positively affects heart, nervous system and kidneys.

Research by German and Russian scientists have shown that amber acid activates vital processes of body. It is responsible for the oxygen entry into cells. Our body synthesizes amber acid and It’s especially useful for weak body. An interesting fact is that amber acid dilutions are applied to people to strengthen their vital functions when recovering after severe illnesses.

Contact with skin is necessary to ensure that natural Baltic amber pendants, amulets or simple amber pieces reveal their healing powers. When amber meets with skin it warms up and a small amount of amber acid enters the body.

Amber teething necklace for children is a natural way to sooth your baby’s gums.

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Is amber teething necklace safe for kids?

Baltic amber necklaces are considered safe even for small babies. However, let’s not forget that amber is fragile and necklaces for kids should be worn under adult supervision. Parents should keep in mind that amber necklaces for babies need to be removed before taking bath and going to sleep.Amber necklaces for children are absolutely safe for everyday use. Nevertheless, do not allow your baby to chew a necklace or a bracelet.

Amber necklaces neutralize negative energy for children and eliminate toxins, enhancing kids immunity over the time. This is the reason why craftsmen are making necklaces of a standard length of 33-35 cm. Amber necklaces of this length can be worn by children up to 7 years old.

Amber necklace for babies provides a soothing effect, so an irritable baby can have a better night sleep. Meanwhile, for a mother amber serves as a natural stress relief. Wear of amber jewellery will help to reduce stress, balance emotional state and concentrate.

To ensure a safe wearing, amber necklaces for babies are strung on a thread and split into knots. This way the beads won’t run out when worn. To prevent amber teething necklace for kids from unbuckling, a clasp is screwed as a snail buckle.

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