The Baltic amber place in nowadays life

Recently simple design of amber necklaces are replaced by fashionable and modern amber jewellery. Modern amber jewellery consists of a variety of amber bracelet, silver earrings, stylish amber necklaces, as well as unique jewels decorated with leather or other encrusted stones, and crystals. They are created for women who want to stand out from the crowd, and to feel a therapeutic power of an amber and its warming effect.

Currently the most popular amber products are amber baltic bracelet. Many customers say that amber helps alleviate a pain of growing teeth, making a child calmer and less irritable. Many people think that amber is a yellow stone but amber is not so boring. Scientists are counting around 250 different colours and shades of amber stone.

In Lithuania the most popular amber baltic bracelet are dark red, burgundy and black amber products.The traditional yellow amber is mostly valued by the Chinese population because a yellow is a colour of the Sun.

Amber jewellery is becoming increasingly popular among men. More frequently we can see boys wearing amber bracelets made of round or irregularly shaped amber beads, amulets on a leather string around the neck. This just proves that amber is coming back to fashion and becoming popular with both women and men.

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