Things about Baltic amber jewelries you didn’t know

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Bacteriologist Robertas Kochas for his research, on tuberculosis received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In this research, for the first time, was mentioned positive qualities of succinic acid to the human organism.

Later, other researchers Rotstein O.D., Pruett T.L., Fiegel V.D., Nelson R.D., Simmons R.L. in the article Succinic acid, a metabolic by-product of Bacteroides species, inhibits polymorphonuclear leukocyte function, proved that succinic acid can kill the bacteria of Escherichia coli (also known as E.Coli). This bacteria is famous for causing gastroentherits and urinary tract infections.

Succinite amber has the most succinic acid compared to other kinds of amber jewelry baltic. As a result, Succinite Baltic amber has the following qualities:

  • Strengthens the organism;
  • Improves immunity;
  • Activates vital energy;
  • Helps to overcome stress.

When You wear amber jewelry baltic  or other jewelry made from amber on bare skin, You feel the warmth emitted by amber pieces. The warm Baltic amber emits specific smell of succinic acid, also known as amber acid. Breathing in the smell of succinic acid You stimulate nervous system and respiratory organs. As a result, You get the positive effect on lungs and heart.

In order to achieve better effect, select amber baltic sea jewelry made from raw amber with genuine bark. Wearing raw Baltic amber necklace, Your mental and spiritual activity is stimulated.

As amber has a wide range of colours, it’s very important to know the additional impact of each amber colour.

  • White amber has a positive effect on brain, nervous system, lymph and heart.
  • Yellow amber is also called „the Sun stone“. The name of „the Sun stone“ was given for this kind of amber in regards for calming and warming qualities. The yellow baltic amber helps owner relax and feel the joy of life. Approximately 70% of found out amber is the yellow amber.
  • Red amber helps to increase the self-confidence. It motivates to pursue goals and enhances fertility.
  • Green amber is beneficial for heart, lungs, kidneys. Usually, green amber is selected by nature lovers who spend a lot time in nature.
  • Blue amber has positively impact on respiratory system. Blue amber helps to calm and compose the mind and seek for wisdom of life. So, a lot of people inclined in philosophy tend to choose the blue amber.
  • Brown amber helps to decrease anger, anxiety and envy. Brown amber relieves inflammation of urinary bladder and cleans the urinary system.
  • Black amber helps to concentrate and focus on specific objectives.

It’s worth to mention, that all the meanings written above shouldn’t be interpreted that whole amber piece is green, black or yellow. The meaning of colours is specified by colour, which dominates in a piece of amber.

Amber can also prevent different kind of headaches:

  • Tension headache – ache caused by muscle tension in the field of head, shoulders and neck.
  • Migraine – type of headache which nature isn’t identified. Nobody knows exact cause of migraine. However, there are several theories on what might cause migraine. One of them says: „Blood vessels expand during migraine and stimulate pain receptors“. Another, claims that migraine is impacted by hormonal changes.
  • Cluster headache may appear in the result of swelling of blood vessels. Some researches proved that cluster headache appears in the result of insufficient oxygen content.

The best effect of amber is achieved, when it is worn on bare skin. Therefore, if You wear it on a shirt or dress, you shall not feel the effect of amber power. If You wear an amber jewelry from lithuania, it should be worn as a watch – just wear it for a few hours, without taking off. The longer You wear natural amber jewelry, the more positive impact You will get.

Wearing amber jewelry baltic, doesn’t bring immediate results. You have to give the amber jewellery the time to prove that it’s not an ordinary stone, but a healing source.

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