Tips and tricks of how to choose Baltic amber necklace

How to select length and form of Baltic amber necklace and beads?

Are you looking for the Baltic amber necklace? Wonder, what form of amber to select? Are You curious about what length of a necklace will fit you the best? Choosing the amber necklace, without measuring it –  is difficult. The models that look good on one person sometimes doesn’t suit another. Therefore, we present you a few tips how to select length and form of necklaces and beads.

First of all, you have to decide what form of an amber pieces looks the most attractive to you. Usually we provide various amber jewelry, made from plummy or round Baltic amber pieces.

After that, You should decide either You like ground or raw amber necklaces. More often, ground amber necklaces are selected by women who likes luxury jewelry and interesting design, combining amber pieces with other stones. Necklaces made from raw amber pieces, usually is decision of women, who likes naturalness.

If You like both ground and raw amber, then we may offer You the amber necklace with mixed amber beads. This wonderful option with matching clothes will create new image for each occasions. All You need to do is change clothes and new image is created. Bravely match amber necklace with street wear, or be elegant wearing baltic amber necklace for aduls with dress.

For the dress lovers, we recommend to select a long baltic amber necklace. Long amber necklaces adults lets amber reveal it’s uniqueness and ads subtle details to the dress. The length of longer amber necklaces adults is considered 50-55cm or even longer.

For those, who favors sweaters, shirts or blouses, we  recommend to select an amber necklace of 40-47 cm. An amber necklace adults of such length adheres more to neck and fill in the open space of neckline.

There is a belief, that ground amber necklaces are developed of dummy amber, because the appearance of amber is changed. Be that as it may, not all amber sellers fairly sale amber products, causing distrust to other amber sellers. “Saniston Baltic” company ensure that amber sold by us is natural and genuine. For long years, our company cooperates with reliable providers of raw amber and always tests the quality of amber.

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How to choose the right amber jewellery?

Looking for exclusive amber jewellery? Want to know, how to choose the right one? Our team worked with amber many years and has gained a vast experience in helping women choose the right amber necklaces. We are delighted to share with you a few tips on “ How to choose the right amber jewellery?“.

First of all answer the questions:

  • How do you describe yourself?
  • Do you like to stand out or do you prefer to merge with a crowd?
  • Would you consider choosing a jewellery for celebrations or wearing it on a daily basis?

Answers to these questions will always help us choose the right amber jewellery for you.

For women who are looking for jewellery for every day, an elegant amber accessories with silver will be perfect. It’s a modern and youthful combination. Silver is always popular and fashionable and amber accentuates a jewel further. Like the Moon and the Sun – two powers, which harmonizes each other.

When buying multiple jewellery, always think about how can you match them. So, your accessories won’t look too complex. Therefore, there are several combinations:

  • Amber earrings and bracelets;
  • Genuine baltic amber necklace and bracelet;
  • Amber earrings and rings;
  • Amber necklaces and ring;
  • Amber necklaces and small earrings.


Following these simple rules, amber jewellery will always look elegant and subtle.

When choosing amber earrings, you should know that earrings should be chosen according to a shape of your face.

  • Oval face. Almost all earrings – from small ear tight earrings to large hanging silver earrings – are suitable for an oval face. There is only one exception, never choose thin long earrings as they will visually prolong your face.
  • Triangular face. The best match for triangular face are oval or small round amber earrings. These kind of earrings will visually round the face.
  • Long face. For long face shape the ideal decision are massive triangular or square amber earrings. These earrings visually adds more harmony to the face. If You have long face, try to avoid flat long earrings, as they will even more elongate the face.
  • Square face. For square face a small adherent earrings or long hanging silver amber earrings are the most suitable. They will soften the sharp edges of the face. Meanwhile, the worst choice for square face – square earrings with sharp angles.
  • Round face. As long hanging silver earrings slightly prolong face, they perfectly suit people with a round face. Also, you can choose square or triangular earrings. As “small rings” type earrings round the face even further, try to avoid this type of earrings.