What are the pros of Baltic amber?

Since ancient times, the origin of amber is debated. Amber was thought to be a stiff honey and fossilized sea foam. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that this gemstone is different. Amber is a fossilized tree resin. It is a stone with exceptional chemical and physical properties.

What are the qualities of amber and where amber is used, aside products made from amber such as bracelets, souvenirs, necklaces or earrings?

Not everyone knows that amber is used in modern medicine. After various illnesses, experiencing constant stress or weakening of the immune system, amber can help re-energize. Amber produces amber acid, which is also produced by cells in our body. Amber acid – an active amber substance – is very important for a human body because it is necessary in processes of cellular energy circulation. Amber acid improves endocrine and circulatory system, increases physical activity, slows down aging processes, reduces headaches.

Currently amber decoctions are popular. This decoction helps break down kidney stones, facilitates treatment of an aching throat, tonsillitis and bronchitis.

If you do not like to drink various decoctions, then a great alternative is an amber necklace. By wearing it constantly, it helps regulate a thyroid activity and prevent acne. It does not have to be an amber necklace adults. It may also be other products from amber such as amber bracelets, amber earrings, amber rings or any other amber items.

Rankų darbo apyrankė Ryto žara

If you got a fever, it is recommended to use an incense that is made of amber at home. This will help prevent surrounding viruses.

Proper care is needed for amber products to have an effect and retain their properties. Amber needs to be cleaned frequently because it absorbs everything. Firstly, wash it under a running lukewarm water. Then put it in a glass with a spring water and sea salt. Let the amber to stay in the water for several hours. If amber hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, keep it in the water for a longer time. Then take it out and wash it again.

It is also useful to charge amber once a month under the sun – leave it in the open air on a windowsill for a day.

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