What is the most popular amber jewelry for kids?

Worlds fashion tendencies goes round and round – like a wheel of fortune. Nevertheless, It’s always pleasant to see that amber bracelets for teething and amber necklaces for kids each day are becoming more and more popular. The popularity of amber products for kids are especially big in Europe and America. Lately, residents from Italy also fell in love with „the stone of the Sun“.

Whats so wonderful about amber bracelets for teething? There is a belief that products made of amber help to calm kids and protect them from illnesses. Believe in this statement or not, is always the choice of each of us. You will never find the answer if you won’t try amber necklace out by yourself. Be it as it is, amber necklaces still remains the natural and stylish accessory, what is well liked by kids and their mothers.

„Saniston Baltic“ products are made of natural Baltic amber. To assure genuineness and harmless of amber crafts, we carefully choose each amber bead and shape them to plum or baroque style amber bracelets for teething. What is why we can offer a wide range of amber products for both adult and kids.

 While carefully selecting and packing parcels every day, we find out that the most popular amber bracelets for teething colors for kids  are cognac and yellow. The cognac and yellow color of amber the most resembles the Sun and emits more warmth, making wearer of amber bracelets for teething feel at ease.

What are psychic qualities of amber?

Amber like other gemstones has a long lasting history and traditions starting with a spiritual symbolism as a legend. For thousands of years many people believed, that amber has esoteric and healing properties. The main color tone of amber is yellow, including all variations – from light cognac and honey to dark cognac.

Yellow – the golden colour of amber necklaces –  is associated with solar energy, which helps impregnate psychic and relieves pain, while ensuring strength and stability for a body and mind. The healing, stimulating and revitalizing properties of an amber are also appreciated and used in cosmetic products containing amber particles.

As each colour has it’s meaning and energy stored behind, it’s very important to choose the right color for amber bracelets for teething. Just pick the ones that you feel will be the best for Your children, or let them choose for themselves! Amber bracelets for teething provides a soothing effect for children and neutralizes negative energy, making it a great way to naturally reduce stress.

From transparent yellow, honey, cognac, cherry, dairy, green and black to the rare colours, such as green – in „Saniston Baltic“ genuine baltic amber necklace collection you will find a full range of colours.

Our products are made from a natural Baltic amber. Each bead of an amber is carefully selected in terms of a size, colour, quality, so we can ensure that amber is genuine and harmless.

A variety of products made from Baltic amber can be purchased in the most convenient way for you – „Saniston“ online shop or at our amber crafts gallery in Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio str. 36.

How to check if amber is real?

Like other gemstones and minerals, amber can be counterfeit. Usually, we talk about  amber, which contains inclusions, or larger pieces of amber, that have certain shape. There are different ways to check genuinity of amber. The most effective is a „hot needle“ test.

A preheated (preferably by lighting a candle) needle is pronged into the amber from the invisible side, such as the back side of a pendant. If you smell a pine resin, then it is a real amber. What is more, amber is extremely fragile – you can even notice cracks when you use a needle. (When pronging a plastic, the needle will go through.)

Another test is with a saline solution. Put two tablespoons of salt into a glass of water. Mix and let the salt dissolve. Then insert pieces of amber. Genuine amber will emerge on a surface without drowning. Meanwhile, the plastic one will reach a bottom very quickly.

„Saniston“ amber craft masters create a large variety of products for all family members. Babies, Youngsters and adults – in our constantly updating amber crafts gallery, everyone can find amber bracelets what will suit them the best.

The „Saniston Baltic“ amber crafts collection consists from wide range of amber colors from transparent yellow to black, from gloss to matte surface. Yellow, light cognac, cognac, dark cognac, black and rare colours, such as green – are presented in „Saniston Baltic“ amber collection. Some bracelets consist of single color beads, meanwhile others have many different colours.

We are constantly updating our art gallery with new articles, so you will find a necklace of unique design for yourself and your child.

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