Where to buy Baltic amber jewelry?

We all are unique. We have different lifestyles and unique characters, therefore, we like different things. Either You are person who values naturalness or person, who seeks for luxury products, in our Baltic amber jewelry collection you will find amber necklaces for every like.

  • Women preferring naturalness select a raw amber necklace.
  • Those, who feel predilection for luxury, select a ground amber bracelet of interesting form, in which amber pieces are combined with other stones.
  • Mothers select a natural amber necklace for kids in order to relieve pain of teeth eruption. In order to match themselves to their kids, mothers also acquire natural Baltic amber jewelry, the most often selecting round necklace with blunt edges.

Amber jewelry baltic  is the expression of naturalness, it’s not jewelry designed for everyone. Women wearing handmade baltic amber jewelry tends to be distinguished by their love to nature. They like to maintain healthy lifestyle and have strong spiritual values. If after putting on amber necklace or beads you feel at ease, do not suffer stress or allergy signs, then amber jewelry suits You.

The Baltic amber is extremely light, its comparative weight amounts to 1,08. That means that a piece of amber weighs a half of the weight of a stone of the same size. Amber is stone, which is warm and pleasant to touch, also, it grants owner with superior feeling. Amber tends to protect women and kids from evil eye and gives strength to new beginnings.

Nevertheless, the most wonderful feature of Baltic amber – its difference. Each piece of amber is different and unique. You could never find identical piece of amber. That is why, women, who select amber jewelry  for adults of the same model, look differently. The playfulness of amber makes the woman feel unique.

Amber jewelry may be crafted from different pieces of amber. There is amber necklaces from ground amber – these necklaces usually is the selection of women, who likes luxury and interesting designs. There is amber necklace from raw and ungrounded amber – for those who is fond of naturalness.

Amber necklaces also vary in terms of length. A long amber necklace is the perfect match to dress lovers. Wearing a long amber necklace with dress lets amber reveal it’s uniqueness and ads subtle details to the dress. On the other hand, if you favor shirts and blouses make Your choice for short Baltic amber necklace. In the combination with shirt or blouse short amber necklace covers the bare skin and reveals all the healing power of amber stone.

Amber jewelry baltic are available for sale in different places: amber souvenir shops, online, resorts and so on. However, when You decide to buy the amber necklace, choose the reliable real baltic amber jewelry seller. If you decide to acquire the amber necklace in our e-shop, be ensured that You will get unique and high quality amber crafts.