Many people beliefs that amber is just a yellow stone, but actually it is much more than that. Scientists count that there is around 250 different colors of amber stone. There is more interesting facts regarding amber stone:

  • In Lithuania, the most popular color of amber is dark red, burgundy or black.
  • Traditional yellow amber is mostly liked by residents of China. Yellow color to Chinese symbolizes the color of the sun.
  • We see more young men wearing amber bracelets, made from round or irregular shaped amber beads, or pendants, hanging on their necks.

All of these tendencies prove that Baltic amber is coming back as a trend and is becoming more popular among both men and women.

If you doubt, what kind of jewelry would fit you or would like to try it first before buying. SANISTON BALTIC pleasantly invite you to visit us at our gallery in Vilnius, where you will find all the exquisite amber jewelries. We also place orders related to wholesale trade of amber products.

SANISTON BALTIC specializes in retail and wholesale trade of amber goods. Wholesale trade of amber articles are being carried out in the company since the year 2005. Since that day, we have successfully launched our activities in B2C and B2B sectors and invite everyone to let amber into their hearts. By participating in various international exhibitions, such as: AmberTrip, Amberif, Ambermart, Rho Fiera fair in Italy, we seek for constant creativity, growth and new experiences. Work experience in both retail and wholesale trade markets, allow us to select and purify what is the most important to our client. Great part of attention is paid for our customer’s needs. Foreign residents and all the residents of Lithuania can order our goods online, for both retail and wholesale trade.

SANISTON BALTIC product wholesale trade suggests a wide range of amber assortment: jewelry, souvenirs, bijouterie, business gifts, occasional items (for weddings, bachelor parties, christenings, Christmas, Easter, birthdays) and other goods.Assortment of goods constantly changes as we suggest more and more goods to our clients. The range of SANISTON BALTIC amber crafts is expanding as we produce jewels according to individual orders. We cooperate with Lithuania’s as well as foreign companies. As amber jewelry manufacturer and distributor, SANISTON BALTIC provides products at the wholesale Baltic amber price.

Wholesame trade of amber articles are being carried out in these product categories:

  • Beads (for children and adults);
  • Amber with silver (bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces);
  • Earrings;
  • Bracelets;
  • Pendants;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Business gifts;
  • Collars for pets;
  • Other goods.

If you cannot find necessary products in our online shop, we encourage you to contact us by contacts provided below. We value our customers and partners so we will try our best to answer all of your questions.

Phone: +37065699524

Email: info.saniston@gmail.com.

Why choose us:

  • Wide assortment. Our clients can choose from a list with over 500 goods of Baltic amber;
  • Warehouses and logisticts. We have our own Baltic amber warehouses and logistics, so that we could respond to our client‘s needs immediately;
  • Realiability and experience. Our company sells amber products in wholesale trade since year 2005. Throughout these years, we have established strong and trustworthy relation with distributors and clients;
  • Attractive Baltic amber price. We get our goods directly from manifacturers, so we can suggest competitive prices;
  • Service and quality. We seek to ensure the highest quality of Baltic amber crafting and delivery.

We understant that in these fast-pace times it becomes hard to dedicate our time for everything, which is why we made sure that our amber products for wholesale trade would be easily found online. Find Baltic amber products at  www.saniston.com, where you can easily learn about Baltic amber pricing, news and trends and so much more.

With any questions concerning SANISTON BALTIC company and amber products, please contact us through mobile phone: +37065699524 or email: info.saniston@gmail.com.